ZOO Slots Games

It is incredibly fast and easy to make a deposit at the casino slots Zoo. Players must first create a casino account for real money. This step may require personal identification information such as the player’s age, name, country of origin, and others. Once the player is registered as it should, he can make a deposit using the method of his choice. For the comfort of the player, the casino slots Zoo accepts a wide variety of payment options. The most popular is the use of credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. There is no delay in transactions made with credit cards. In addition, there is only a minimum deposit of €21 required. Players can also use several popular methods of wallet and electronic transfer such as Moneybookers, NETeller, click & pay, and even money deposits via Western Union. However, payment requests with Western Union require 1 to 2 working days. Players will then have to show a little patience if they choose this method. Casino slots Zoo also accepts bank transfers, but it may take up to 10 working days and requires a minimum deposit of €200.


The instability of the machine is another useful idea. A slot machine is considered unstable when it requires very high risks on the part of the player, and it only reports large sums of money. A machine with low instability will offer many rewards of small amounts and will ask for a smaller investment from its players. Most players will enjoy playing games with lower volatility because they can expect more gains and few losses. Choosing online slots powered by the best online casino software is essential so that players can easily find what they want to play without spending many hours looking for the slot that best suits their needs.

Payment line

Finally, the payment lines of a machine determine exactly how the player will win. The symbols can align horizontally or diagonally on the reels, and if there is a winning combination on these lines, the player wins. Machines can have a single payment line or up to 25 lines scattered over 5 reels. The amount required to activate each payment line depends on the machine. Also, some machines may require players to place bets on each line, while on others, all payment lines can be activated with a single bet. Thus, players should make sure they are sure of the decisions they take.

Payment options on slots Zoo

The withdrawal options on slots Zoo are unfortunately much more limited. Credit cards are unavailable since the majority of banks will not accept funds from online casinos. It is the same unfortunately for Western money orders. So, to cash out the winnings, players have only two options. They can create an account on the NETeller e-wallet provider from which they can transfer their money to an account of their choice. This option is immediate more, it is by far the most convenient. Apart from this method, players can also request a direct bank transfer from the casino to their bank account. However, this option takes approximately 10 working days. In addition, for either of these options, players must withdraw at least €100 and provide the appropriate information to the cashier section of the slots Zoo Casino. You might want to know that the Zoo Casino does not operate with cryptocurrency, and if you are interested in gambling with crypto coins, we recommend visiting the https://casinosenlignefrance.org site. This informative site will lead you straight to the best French online casinos that accept Lite Coin.

More details on slot machines at slots Zoo Casino

Like many online gambling, there are some terms that can be useful when playing the slot machine. These terms may seem strange to inexperienced betters, but you will find many on the platform. In addition, they can help players to distinguish the best games from the unrecommendable games.

Percentage of payment

One of the most useful terms in slot machine games is the term relative to the payout percentage. He tells the player roughly how much the slot machine offers as payment. The number is stated in terms of percentage according to each dollar that players invest and return to them in the form of winnings. These winnings can be huge jackpots or small prizes. A good percentage of payment to the French online slot machine game is generally above 90%.